Shimshal is the last remnant of true Hunza culture that exists near Pakistan's Pamir range, east of the town of Passu in upper Hunza valley. Our walk begins at Dut and we reach the remote village of Shimshal in about three days. At each step we are amazed how a path has been carved in this deep and narrow ravine on the way to Shimshal. 

Shimshalis now are a proud and hardy folk. Their hospitality is legendary and the natural beauty that they inhabit makes us feel that perhaps the Mir sentenced them to heaven, not hell! Shimshalis now are a proud and hardy folk. Their hospitality is legendary and the natural beauty that they inhabit makes us feel that perhaps the Mir sentenced them to heaven, not hell!

Our trek now veers northwards from Shimshal and we enter the lovely and remote Ghujerab valley. Here we cross the Boesam Pass and the Chapchingiol Pass to reach the trail head at Kuksel. This is where we meet the KKH and our jeeps, which will transport us back to Hunza.

1Arrive Islamabad international airport & transfer to HotelHOTEL512M
2Fly to Gilgit via PK607 Or drive from Islamabad - ChilasHOTEL1265M
3Drive from Gilgit - Hunza Or Drive from Gilgit - Hunza KarimabadHOTEL2500M
4Sightseeing Hunza Karimabad , Altid fort, Baltid fort and Local BazarHOTEL2500M
5Drive from Hunza Karimabad - Shimshal VillageCAMPING2800M
6Trek from Shimshal village - Wachu FurzinCAMPING3365M
7Trek from Wachu Furzin -ShuizheravCAMPING4320M
8Trek from Shuizherave - Shimshal PassCAMPING4730M
9CLIMB TO MINGLING SAR(6050M) and return to ShuwerthCAMPING4320M
10Trek down from Shuwerth - Purien - e- BenCAMPING4075M
11Trek from  Purien - e- Ben - ZardgarbenCAMPING3580M
12Trek from Zardgarben - Shimshal VillageCAMPING2800M
13Drive from Shimshal village - Hunza KarimabadHOTEL2500M
14Drive from Hunza Karimabad - GilgitHOTEL1500M
15Fly to Islamabad via PK 608 or Drive from Gilgit - Islamabad HOTEL512M
16Fly out to your own destination (END OF OUR SERVICES)FLY OUTEN ROUTE


1. All Airport pick and drop

2. Both  way air fare between Islamabad -Gilgit - Islamabad.

3. Transportation briefing, debriefing and sightseeing.

4. Transportation between Islamabad  – chilas –Hunza- Shimshal - Islamabad.

5. Two nights’ Accommodation, twin bed room in Islamabad (bed & breakfast)

6. Two nights in Chilas Hotel with full board.

7. Two nights in Hunza with full board.

8. Local staff Wages, insurance, food and equipment.

9. Low porters to carry trekking foods, member personal to all mentioned places.

10. Way up 25kg each trekking members.

11. Way down 25kg each trekking members.

12. All trekking and base camp foods.

13. Comfortable members tent, Mess tent, Kitchen tent, toilet tent, table, chairs & kitchen utensils.

14. Assistance for Reconfirmation of international flight tickets.

15. All Camping fees, road taxes & bridge crossing fee.

16. Low Porters Equipment’s.

17. Documentation fee


1. Member international flight tickets 

2. Helicopter emergency rescue fees (refundable after deduction of U$D 300/- if not use, it is now US$15000/- 

3. Members any climbing gears 

4. Member personal insurance 

5. Sleeping bag and all personal expenses such as telephone calls, fax, email charges, liquor or soft drinks, 

6. Room service, gratuities for personal services, items of a purely personal nature

7. Custom clearing charges (import and export of equipment's) 

8. Any unforeseen expenses (just like road block extra hotel stay or if members stay more days at Base Camp) then members will be pay according to the numbers of days basses. 

09. Trekking members will come together. If any/some member split during the period then there extra expenses will be charged according to normal price


1.       1 Backpack with a carrying capacity of 60 to 70 L/ 15 -17 Gallons (a similar sized duffle bag or travel bag can be used as a substitute)

2.       1 Small backpack for day trips

3.       Sleeping bag (down or synthetic, down to 0 degrees, lightweight compression bag)

4.       1 Warm jacket or parka

5.       3 Pairs of outdoor pants (jeans are not recommended as they are difficult to dry out when wet)

6.       Warm sweaters

7.       2 - 4 Pairs of woolen socks

8.       T-shirts, shirts, hats or caps

9.       1 Set of warm underwear such as long underpants and long undershirts

10.   1 Pair of good hiking boots (make sure they are "broken-in")

11.   1 Pair of light shoes (runners or sneakers)

12.   1 Set of light rain gear such as a pant and jacket combination (1 Water bottle with a 1 litre capacity

13.   1 Pocket-knife or hunting knife

14.   1 Flashlight

15.   1 Pair of sun glasses (VERY IMPORTANT!)

16.   A supply of sun blocker or sunscreen lotion and Lip suncream (VERY IMPORTANT!)

17.   Personal medications

18.   Underwear, personal items, and toiletries

19.   1 pair of fleece pants

20.   1 wool or fleece hat

21.   Headlamp and Batteries (bring at least 2 spare sets)

22.   1 pair of Gore-Tex gaiters (heavy-duty, sized large enough to fit over plastic boots)

23.   1 pair of Gore-Tex shell gloves


1.       Trekking poles (recommended)

2.       Thermarest sleeping pad

3.       Camera and film

4.       Journal and pens