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/ Kalash Valley Mountain Safari

Day 01 Arrival at Islamabad: Transfer to hotel. Afternoon drive to Peshawar

Day 02 After breakfast drive to KHYBER PASS :
The legendary Pass cut the mountainous barrier of Hindukush between NWFP and Afghanistan. Its narrow gateway opened the way to countless invaders since Aryan times. The Pass begins at the Babi Khyber Watch Tower, then stretches from Jamrud Fort (18 km), Shagai Fort (30 km), Ali Masjid Fort at the narrow point of the gorge. It arrives into a wide fertile valley dotted with fortified Pathan villages and ends at the border town of Torkham. Remains of Buddhist monastery can be seen at Landi Kotal. Afternoon : Visit of the Museum which exhibits a rich collection of Gandhara art and an ethnographic section including wooden carvings from the Kalash valleys, the old city with his bazaars crowded by cars, bicycles, donkeys cars, and rickshaws.: Qissa Khawani Bazaar and his story tellers, Khyber Bazaar, cloth Bazaar, Meena Bazaar, Andarshah Bazaar with the silver and goldsmith shops. Our tour will pass by Mahabat Khan Mosque excellent example of Mughal architecture. It was built during the reigns of Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb and resemble the Badshshi Mosque at Lahore. We will see the Bala Hisar Fort built by Babar in 1526. Formerly the old city was completely encircled by a wall and centered on a citadel. Bala Hisar seems to be the site of the ancient citadel mentioned by the Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang in 629 A.D. Lunch, Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 03 PESHAWAR - CHITRAL : After breakfast drive to Chitral. Lunch en route.
Upon arrival transfer to hotel. Chitral valley is an isolated region connected with the rest of Pakistan by 2 roads : one over the Lowari Pass (3118 m) closed by snow from November to May and one by Shandur Pass (3734m) also closed for longer period. It’s the home of a variety of peoples, including the non-Muslims Kalash and the semi-nomadic Wakhi. Since about 8th century A.D. when Tibetans invaded the area the history of the Region is an intricate webs of intrigue and conspiracy amongst the various families of the ruling classes and the continual wars with the neighboring kingdoms. The British fearful of the expansion of Russians sent one mission in 1855, and in 1894 took the fort. At independence the Mehtar of Chitral acceded to Pakistan then, in 1969 after an internal revolt against the Mehtar the state was formally merged into Pakistan becoming a district of the Malakand Division of NWFP. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 04 CHITRAL - BAMBURET : After breakfast drive to Bamburet - Lunch en route
Kalash valleys : the Kalash are a small ethnic group found in the valleys of Rumbur, Bamburet and Birir. Muslims call them “ Kafirs” and their area Kafiristan. Until 1896 Kafiristan included Nuristan now part of Afghanistan Inhabited by the “Red Kafirs” converted to Islam, whereas the Kalash were called “Black Kafirs”. They maintain their pagan rites. Bamburet is the largest of three valleys at 2 hours from Chitral with villages and fertile valleys. Social structures, religion, cultures, coloured costumes, dances are particular to Kalash people. Dinner and overnight at camp.

Day 05 BAMBURET - RUMBUR : After breakfast drive to Rumbur. The jeep track up the valley crossing villages with wooden houses shaded with big walnut and mulberry trees. A short walk will leave you to a Kalash temple decorated with wooden horses. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 06 CHITRAL - MASTUJ : After breakfast drive to Mastuj. Mastuj was the seat of an independent principality . The village spreads out across a large alluvial fan. Fields of wheat and barley edge the channels. Apricot and jujube trees shadow the village. Our way reach Shandur Pass the highest polo ground in the world where matches between Chitral and Gilgit are organized every year. Meals & overnight at camp

Day 07 MASTUJ - PHANDUR  ; After breakfast drive to Phandur. We are in Northern Area a mountainous area containing some of the world’s highest summits .From the top of a hill created by an ancient moraine you will admire the deep blue Phandur Lake ( 2800m). Lunch Dinner and overnight at camp.

Day 08 PHANDUR - YASIN : The Yasin valley has played a leading role in the history of the region. Continually fought over by the rulers of Chitral and Gilgit, the history of the rulers of Yasin reads like a catalogue of parricide, fratricide and treacheries. The arid landscape is often broken by green pastures and streams. Good views of Karakorum and Hindukush ranges. Meals & overnight in camp

Day 09 YASIN - GULAPUR : After breakfast drive to Gulapur Being a fertile and well watered strip of land on either side of the Gilgit river the former independent kingdom of Punial became a bone of contention between the rulers of Yasin and Gilgit. Both states possessed the region in turn until it was annexed by the Maharaja of Kashmir in 1860. Several cable bridges cross the river and rafts are taken where the river widens. Lunch, Dinner and overnight at camp.

Day 10 GULAPUR - KARIMABAD : After breakfast drive to Karimabad Afternoon visit Altit and Baltit Forts.
Day 11 KARIMABAD : Day free or trek to Ultar glacier. Lunch, dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 12 KARIMABAD - KHUNJRAB PASS : Drive to Khunjrab Pass and return to Karimabad Lunch en route. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 13 KARIMABAD - CHILAS : The road follows Hunza River then Gilgit River and Indus River.
Chilas on the ancient Silk road has many rock carvings that you can see on the banks of the Indus river.
Lunch en route. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 14 CHILAS - NARAN ( the Kaghan valley) : After breakfast drive to Naran.
Transfer to hotel. The road leads to Babusar Pass from where incredible views of Nanga Parbat can be seen. The Kaghan valley is one of the most beautiful area of Pakistan. The 161km Long valley offers stunning alpine forests, deep blue high altitude lakes, lush green meadows and distant snowy peaks. The Kunhar River provides some of the best trout fishing in Pakistan. Lunch Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 15 NARAN - ISLAMABAD : After breakfast drive to Islamabad. Lunch en route.

Day 16 ISLAMABAD LAHORE : After breakfast flight to Lahore. Transfer to hotel. Afternoon city tour.

Day 17 LAHORE : After breakfast visit of the town. Afternoon free.

Day 18 Transfer to airport.

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